We Are Still Building Together

Has your heart ever been stirred? To buy a new car? To jump into a relationship? To attempt something great with or for God? Many times these moments are filled with fear and apprehension because we are unsure of our readiness. Every single one of us is somewhere on the journey. In some areas, I'm closer to the destination, and in others, you are further ahead. Many times we hide our unfinished parts from others and pledge to do more once we arrive. God, however, wants to use us right now, right where we are! Join us for this series and learn how, even while we are in process, God is still building something great through all of us together!

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  • a celebration of success

    MAY 26, 2019

    In this final week of the series, Rob encourages us to celebrate all that God has done as we continue to Build Together!

    One of the biggest lies we believe is that we are the ones who accomplish great things in life.  Sure, we participate.  We all have a significant role to play.  But at the end of the day, without God our best effort will always fall flat.  God is the one who accomplishes things and brings the increase.  Today is a celebration of His goodness.  Today is a recognition of all that God has done.  While I am thankful that He always uses the willing, and we get to be part of the greatest team in the history of the world, it’s still all His incredible work and is impossible without Him!

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  • stir our hearts again

    MAY 19, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob reminds us of what this whole Building Together thing has been about.

    Three years ago this month we launched a capital campaign initiative that has significantly empowered ministry here at New Hope!  As we come to the end of this season of focus, we are going to reconsider the foundation of this push, discover some important steps for each of us to consider, and ultimately realize that we are still building together - regardless of what we are or are not doing.  This is not primarily about paying off debt or accomplishing a ministry goal.  It is, however, about opening ourselves to the spirit of God and allowing Him to stir our hearts.  When that truly happens it is more important than any specific result!

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  • directionally challenged

    Mother's Day, 2019

    On this Mother's Day, Amy Banbury shares what God has laid on her heart for women.

    Women and moms do a ton!  They carry the lion’s share of the responsibility for investing in children, managing homes, and many times are the logistical ninjas who figure out everyone’s schedule and make sure we are all at the right place at the right time.  Because they consistently execute these things with far less grumbling than the average male, we sometimes conclude that they have it all figured out.  But the truth is, many of them are figuring things out as they go along.  Take a few minutes for this Mother’s Day message and receive resources you can latch onto that will lay out a better map to growth and finding direction!

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  • move the needle

    May 5, 2019

    This week Rob introduces the Global Leadership Summit.

    All this sounds great, and we see hope in discovering that God can use us right where we are.  But where do we start?  How do we begin?  What is the first step on this lifelong journey of aligning our lives in such a way that we make a difference?  Most of us have tried to become better.  We have tried to do more.  We have all tried to make changes, yet we see our efforts still fall short.  Wouldn’t you love to know some high leverage activities that will actually make a difference?  Let's discover how to move the needle and dent the universe for Jesus!

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