Some prefer a pen and paper while others enjoy the speed and convenience that electronic note taking gives them.  You can read a book or a magazine on a device for significantly less money, but many just can’t give up the experience an actual physical book provides.  Technological advancements continue to impact and change our world, whether we like them or not, and they’re not going away! Some of us even have such strong preferences we make value judgments… our way is good, and the other way is bad.  Whether you struggle with it or not, consider joining us this month as we explore how to live well and honor God in this digital age!

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  • #trends

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

    This week Roy Templeman and Amy Banbury wrap up the series sharing some thoughts on the direction we seem to be heading in this digital era.

    Many times we get on a particular path and stay on it simply because we have no apparent reason to change.  But a path determines direction like few other things in life.  If you are on a good one, it leads to some great places.  If you are on a bad one, you can be the most consistent and faithful path walker on the planet, and your destination will still be disappointing at best.  As we conclude this series we are going to consider some powerful trends that are tied to social media and the digital age.  Some of these are positive and should be embraced.  Some of these have sneaky and sinister outcomes.  Take a listen, and allow God to shine light on the best path forward!

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  • #seriousasaheartattack

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

    Travis Schaffer shares, from his nursing perspective, about the seriousness of this mobile device distraction.

    Why are we spending so much time talking about digital media? Does the Bible even talk about such a thing?  Well, one of the ways our enemy deceives us is to trick us into believing the lie that something is less important than it is.  The digital age has many advantages, but if we are not careful, it can also have deadly consequences.

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  • #problem

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

    Pastor Rob continues this week talking about how technology can actually become an addiction.

    It pays to be tech savvy in our world today, but it’s a struggle, for so many of us, to find the right balance of it in our lives.  Technology has become a distraction, a dependency, even an addiction for some of us.  Just like an addict, we say things like, “I can handle it,” “It is not a problem,” or “I can quit whenever.” But most people are paralyzed without a fully charged device and a digital connection to the rest of the world, and thinking that this is no big deal makes the problem worse.  We have got to shift our focus and see this issue for the trap it can truly become.

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  • #thejoneses

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob reveals the danger of comparison.

    Have you ever started a day not knowing that something even existed, but then ended that same day feeling like your life was incomplete without it?  No matter how much we acquire and possess, it’s never enough. We’re never satisfied, yet we also never learn and continue to want more.  What’s worse is the more we have the more complex and stressful our lives become.  If having more never fills us up, why do we continue to be drawn in this direction? Where is the path to actual contentment when we're always trying to keep up with the Joneses?

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  • #analog

    September 1, 2019

    Pastor Rob kicks off this fun new series talking about analog vs. digital.

    Many of us know someone who refuses to touch any gizmo. Some exhibit fear and disgust at even the thought of doing so.  On the other extreme, a growing number of people have their heads so buried in digital realities they struggle with having real human relationships.  No matter what we think, or which direction we tilt, in a moment of clarity most would admit there are benefits and drawbacks on both sides.  Things continue changing so quickly that what is new today will soon be an old approach.  The answer isn’t figuring out one best way.  It is to pick and choose. To focus on the strengths of every approach and avoid the weaknesses.

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