Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n Roll

There are things that are clear, and then there are things that people speak with clarity about that are not really clear at all.  We live in a world where speaking in black and white ways, about issues that are full of gray, hurts way more than it helps.  When we use definitive and absolute words in situations where conjecture and opinion are more prevalent than facts, we not only create confusion and division, but also water down what's truly important.  Check out our Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n Roll series as we seek to uncover God’s heart on some hot topics!

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  • Just too far apart

    OCTOBER 28, 2018

    With probably the most controversial topic yet, Pastor Rob wraps up this fun series with some greatly needed direction on politics.

    It is hard to turn on the radio or tv, pick up a paper, watch the news, or even scroll through Facebook, without being inundated with the political divide that exists in our country.  Day in and day out, and especially a week before the mid-term elections, this can be overwhelming.  We’ve all heard the statement that nobody ever argued anyone over to their side (especially on social media), but as people of faith what should we do, how should we engage, and is progress even possible?  YES!  Yes, it is!  So, what's the secret?

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  • mountains & molehills

    OCTOBER 21, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob talks about the hot topic of secular music.

    For those of you who grew up in the church, you may recall seeing movies or hearing messages about the evils of rock music and how there are satanic messages hidden within.  Many youth groups encouraged students to bring and burn all their “secular music” as an important step in following Jesus.  But we don’t see much about that anymore.  In fact, many things seem to come and go in terms of their perceived importance.  Why is that?  Should we do anything about it?  This week we cut through the confusion and learn some definitive steps that will help and guide our lives!

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  • Pack Your bags

    OCTOBER 14, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob talks about the hot topic of substance abuse.

    Many of us grew up during the war on drugs, and we still have that image of a fried egg tied to the words “this is your brain on drugs” sizzling in our minds.  Then we hear reasonable sounding arguments and sensible questions like, 'how can stuff that grows naturally in the ground be bad?'  On the other hand many of us know people whose lives have been ruined by addictions that began with a health inducing doctor’s prescription.  As people of faith this can be a confusing issue to figure out, but God shares some helpful things that will bless and benefit us all!

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  • Little by little

    OctoBER 7, 2018

    This important series starts with Pastor Rob and thoughts on sex in our culture today.

    The church has lied about sex!  I have been lied to about sex, and I am guessing you have too!  These lies have caused great pain in many relationships, marriages, and families.  People have been scared away, made to feel guilty, and told that God will be mad at them or they will be dirty if they partake at the wrong time or in the wrong way.  Is this really the message God wants us to hear? In this message we'll wrestle to discover what sex is really all about, why God instructs us the way He does, and how we can best engage this truly wonderful gift!

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