New Hope LIVE

Have you ever gotten into watching a late night talk show?  Maybe it's the monologue.  Perhaps you enjoy the creative elements.  Sometimes you tune in because of a specific guest.  Often times it is the witty interplay between the host and the band, or just the funky grooves the band lays down that draws us in.  For this series our Gatherings will become New Hope Live... a talk show experience with a focus and a purpose.  A time to hear from various guests, with an opportunity to consider how we relate to them.  It will surely be a ton of fun as we engage with God in a slightly different way!

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  • what's your story?

    JULY 28, 2019

    Host:  Mari Colace

    Guests:  Kendra Deiss & Melissa Speelman

    Sometimes we are embarrassed by parts of our past.  Other times we are amazed at all that God has saved and delivered us from.  I know many people who feel they don’t have enough exciting or juicy details that are part of their journey.  But did you know that YOUR STORY is YOUR STORY, and YOUR STORY is SOMETHING POWERFUL that God wants to use?  We need examples of consistent faithfulness over decades AND examples of people who lived one way and are now on a completely different path.  This week we are going to hear some stories and see how God is at work in every single one of them, including yours!

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  • how do you know?

    JULY 21, 2019

    Host:  Mari Colace

    Guests:  Rob Paterson, Christopher Liberati, Joe Beran

    Maybe you have found a good place.  A place to be.  A place to serve.  A place to become.  But how do you know if those things really fit?  Or if there aren’t better options out there that you are missing out on by staying where you are. Maybe you are plenty happy doing one thing but there is another thing out there that would bring you even more joy and make an ever bigger difference.  Sometimes it’s just not clear that we aren’t as good at something as we thought we were.  Other times we are great, there is just something better.  In this message we'll hear from 3 Pastors about how they recognized God's call.

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  • Where do you fit?

    July 14, 2019

    Host:  Mari Colace

    Guests:  Liam, Jovi, Ellie, Ariel, Rod Stinemetz, Mona McMullen, Beth Wilson

    Have you ever wondered where you fit?  Maybe it was more drastic than that and you have had seasons feeling like you didn’t fit anywhere at all.  This sensation is something most of us experience at some point in our lives.  In our families, at our job, and even at church.  When we are young it can be because we don’t yet know our place in the world.  Later we can come to feel like we are stuck in a rut, and when we are older it can be because we are slowing down and have less energy.  This week we are going to hear from many different types of people about how they have and are navigating this critical journey!

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