Missional Impulse

Mission is not just some scary or boring church thing that only involves far away places we will never go and languages we will never speak.  It is, however, all about engaging in what God is up to and aligning our lives with His priorities no matter where we are.  This month we want to celebrate the key ways we do this at New Hope.  Some of these things we all participate in, at least indirectly, because we are part of a church.  Other things God is or will ask us to be involved in more directly.  Will you listen to the Spirit’s missional impulse?  Will you respond to the very heartbeat of God?

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  • be the 3%

    JULY 29, 2018

    This week Amy Banbury shares about how we can make a missional impact right here at home.

    If you travel much around Ohio, many in our state have never even heard of the community of Loudonville.  And yet when one of our world class hospitals knows exactly where this community is because there is a church there changing the world in such significant ways that they desire to partner with it, that is incredibly significant!  Blood donation is not just some nice thing to do, and it is way more than a do-gooder, pseudo-christian, social act.  Jesus gave His blood to the world.  What if we saw this as a way to follow His example so that people could receive life now, and a change for eternity as well?

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  • fresh perspective

    JULY 22, 2018

    We continue our missional focus this week as we hear from our Missions Team Leader, Mari Colace.

    Some of you love Pastor Taras, Hope Church, and the work we do in Ukraine.  Others of you may not know too much about it.  Some of you may even be somewhat disgruntled that we send people and money to other parts of the world when we still have very real needs right here.  No matter which camp you fall into, just being part of this church means you are making a difference in Rivne!  Whether you have been a number of times, are planning to go at some point, or don’t know that you’ll even venture that direction, check out all that God is doing through our sister church relationship!

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  • connecting with god's heart

    JULY 15, 2018

    This week Bud Stanton talks about an easy way to experience God's missional impulse for our lives.

    Some of us may never leave the state of Ohio, and many of us will never leave the country of America.  But that does not change the reality that God is at work in every corner of planet Earth, and He desires for us to care about and pray for what He is up to everywhere.  Today we are going to discover a powerful pathway we can all use to travel to another part of the world, and see our hearts explode with God’s passion, that doesn’t require leaving the state or raising any money.  If you want to discover God’s true heartbeat, and be more connected to it, this is the week for you!

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  • our life mission

    JULY 8, 2018

    In Week 2 of the series we hear about how Chris & Nicole McClelland try to live life 'on mission'.

    It is great to go to some exotic place, to some far off people, and even learn a brand new language in order to make a difference for God.  But have you ever felt like you had to raise money and leave home in order to truly be part of God’s mission and call yourself a missionary?  If God calls you to do that you should start immediately, but you need to know that God wants you to be part of His mission right where you are as well!  This week is all about practical steps to engaging in God’s activity in the here and now!

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  • speed the day

    July 1, 2018

    Guest Pastor and Converge Leader, Kevin McGhee, shares his heart for the lost.

    If you could ask God for anything what would it be?  A ton of money?  Better health?  The right person to like you back?  I am sure there are many things we would all have on our list, but if you could only have one thing, do you have a clue what you would wish for?  This week we are going to hear one person’s answer to this important question.  It is an answer that makes a difference.  It is an answer that offers hope.  And it is an answer that involves the absolute best things in life!

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