There is something called the “spiritual gift of leadership.”  Sometimes this can trip us up as many think, “well that is not one of the gifts I have!”  An idea that subtly undermines us taking any responsibility in this area.  While this may not be the driving gift in your life, in its simplest form, leadership is influence.  And in some way, shape, or form, we all have influence that we should develop, steward, and work to maximize.  It is difficult because we are creatures of habit who typically take the path of least resistance, but this month we'll discuss some challenging shifts we can (and should) all make to increase the impact our of lives!

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  • keep going!

    AUGUST 25, 2019

    Pastor Rob closes out the series with the most important component of good leadership.

    I am always blown away by the power of the same, simple, right action, done over and over again for a long period of time.  We all want immediate change and instant results, but even when such things are possible they hardly ever last.  However, doing something good for weeks, months, years, decades - even when you have long periods where it seems to be making no difference at all - watch out, because the cumulative effect is always staggering.  Because longevity is the hard part, most of us give up or burn out long before we get to the good stuff we worked so hard to achieve.

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  • Now, not then

    AUGUST 18, 2019

    This week Rob pushes us to stop waiting, to live the life God wants for us now!

    Sometimes people want to step into action, yet the systems and structures they are part of keep them waiting in the wings.  Other times we don’t feel quite ready yet and are happy to sit back and wait our turn.  But if you are breathing air and thinking thoughts, that is a great indication that NOW is your time.  It has been said that our youth are “the church of tomorrow,” but did you know that they are every bit as much the church today as the rest of us?  Age doesn’t matter!  There are things we all still need to learn, and ways we all still need to grow, but if you are not currently leaning in, the time to do that is not never, or next, but right now!

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  • Terrible, Tough, or terrific?

    AUGUST 11, 2019

    This week Rob continues to encourage us to make a shift.

    Do you want to be your best?  Would you like a raise?  How would you feel if others acknowledged and appreciated your gifts and contributions?  These are normal desires that most people have that make them feel good and valuable.  On top of this our culture celebrates ambition and the desire to improve, all while bashing people who are less ambitious as lazy or lesser.  Focussing on ourselves is something we have all been encouraged to do.  But Jesus has a very different directive.  If you want to discover one small shift that can leverage your influence to change the world, this is the week for you!

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  • the imitation game

    August 4, 2019

    Pastor Rob returns to the stage to kick off a month of leadership develop.

    Have you ever experienced the game a child plays where they parrot back every single thing you say ad nauseam?  While this typically becomes annoying, a similar tendency among adults can be quite flattering.  To have others ask you for advice, mimic how you live, and desire to be more like you speaks volumes.  But an honest concern among many leaders is that no one will want to follow them, be like them, or imitate them.  While we all need to grow in some areas, each one of us also possesses characteristics worth emulating. Join us this week as we break open this idea of influence and how we all can take steps of growth in leadership.

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