While we all like to know what is going on, very few of us appreciate too much routine.  We call it the rut or the rat race.  It can quickly feel monotonous, uninspiring, and like we are trapped in a place we no longer want to be.  Instead of being the adventure that we always hoped and dreamed of, life can quickly become a never ending prison of sorts where we are caged on a hamster wheel, always working hard, but never actually going anywhere.  This is why so many blow up their lives… because anything can seem better than getting caught in the grind!

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  • He doesn't live here anymore

    FEBRUARY 25, 2018

    As we conclude the series, Rob proposes that maybe we're looking for God in the wrong place.

    If you only made time for your significant other during a small block of time one day a week, how healthy do you think that relationship would be?  It is almost as though many of us associate “going to church” as our investment in our relationship with God and our spiritual development, and the rest of the week is our time to get everything else done.  Even if you and I never miss church, that is just not enough to get where we want to be.  Check out this powerful truth that will catapult your relationship with Jesus to an entirely new level!

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  • Today's junk drawer

    FEBRUARY 18, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob touches on the daily effort it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Why is it that health clubs are packed full at the start of January but empty by the end of February?  Many of us may guess that the inconvenience of having to drive somewhere is a factor, but why is it then that the treadmills and weight benches in our homes are covered in dust, laundry, and a variety of other things? Most of us can’t even remember the last time these items were used for their intended purpose!  When it comes to our physical health in particular, the GRIND offers us a powerful tool.  Listen to this message for some help being the healthiest possible version of you!

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  • paycheck to paycheck

    FEBRUARY 11, 2018

    This week Pastor Rob talks about pursuing healthy finances in the daily grind.

    Another major area where everyone experiences the grind is in the realm of finances.  Almost 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and that number has been constantly climbing year after year.  It takes mere moments to get ourselves into a deep financial hole, and years, even decades sometimes of consistent and faithful action to get us out.  We all like to have the things we want and need ASAP, but there are some secrets that will set us free in this area, no matter how much or how little we have.  Take a listen to this message, and learn how to revolutionize your financial health!

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  • we're just stuck

    FebruARY 4, 2018

    Pastor Rob gets this new series started, encouraging us to see God in the daily grind.

    One key area that this can feel the most problematic and confining, is in a marriage.  Our relationships almost always begin with such energy and emotion, and over time it is far too easy to slip into the same old same old, and begin longing, and even looking for more.  Many invest in their relationship in a number of ways trying to recapture the excitement they once had.  For some of us things can feel like they are broken or bad, and for others they simply become mundane or even boring.  Join us this week as we learn the true secret to sustained victory in our relationships!

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