Dirt Nap

It’s common to hear someone express how tired they are, yet most of us refuse to slow down. You’ve probably even heard the phrase, “I’ll rest after I’m dead!” Can you relate? Have YOU felt this way? Our Easter Series is totally unique and offers help to the weary. Someone has died, the work is finished, and now rest is possible! If you are in desperate need of rest, this is for you! Don’t wait until you take a DIRT NAP to address this pervasive problem of exhaustion.

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  • rest after resurrection

    APRIL 28, 2019

    This week Rob completes this refreshing series on rest.

    Easter is in the books for another year.  Jesus is awesome!  Jesus accomplished it all!  But now it is time to get back to work and start following the rules more closely than ever, right? Rest and relaxation is for Heaven after all, isn’t it?  I mean Jesus himself said that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, so I’d better roll up my sleeves and do everything I can while I still have breath in my lungs and strength in my body.  Except that the new thing Jesus is doing only gets newer.  And the priorities of Jesus not only break the power of the rules but liberate us and provide truly soul satisfying rest.  Come discover just how good God actually is and how his offer only ever brings life!

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  • it is finished!

    easter, 2019

    Check out our Easter Message, as Pastor Rob explains how we can now rest.

    Jesus said some strange things.  He said stuff that is not clear as soon as we hear it, but requires us to study and contemplate.  For example, the final words he spoke before dying on the cross… “It is finished!”  I suppose it could have just been his way of acknowledging 'my end has come,’ or maybe a nicer way of saying, “I can’t handle you people any more - Jesus Out!”  Or was there something more significant and more powerful to these words than what immediately strikes us?  Join us on Resurrection Sunday 2019 as we experience the power of Jesus’ finished work. We will gain insight into why it is believable, and come face to face with the greatest life changing opportunity of all time!

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  • when less is more

    APRIL 14, 2019

    This week Pastor Rob talks about how working harder to do more doesn't actually accomplish more.

    We live in a world that is getting more and more complex.  There are more steps to take and rules to follow.  On top of that almost all of us have bought into the lie that if we spend more time, give more effort, and work a little harder… we will get more done and cross the finish line faster.  As much as religious leaders, and God’s people alike, have tried to figure things out and increase the number and clarity of the rules, Jesus seems to be moving in a completely different direction.  The ‘less is more’ idea has been proven by history, math, and science, but it’s no wonder… God has been telling us all this for a long time.  Stop doing so much and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

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  • rest redefined

    april 7, 2019

    Pastor Rob Paterson begins this refreshing series about rest.

    Sabbath isn’t a word that people use as much these days.  But if you grew up in the church decades ago you may remember a time when nothing was open on Sunday, you weren’t allowed to go outside and play with your friends or even siblings, and your parents may have even turned off the lights and forced you to lay quietly in your bed.  For many kids, who knew their non-church going friends were out playing baseball or riding their bicycles, this was not a replenishing activity but one that resulted in confusion, resentment, and even anger.  In a day and age where people so desperately need rest, come discover with us what the scriptures have to say about sabbath, as we take a fresh look at this biblical concept.

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