An autopsy is a postmortem examination on a body or an organ, to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease. But wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to wait until after death to discover what went wrong? What if we could identify the broken things in the critical areas of life while we were still on this side of the dirt? Then we’d have a chance to fix things and increase the quality of life we get to live. The good news is that God can do this! His spirit can empower the process and give us wisdom. His living word can dissect our bodies and give us new life. Do you want to take a peek inside? Muster some courage, and join us on this journey of self examination, self discovery, course correction, and eventual healing.

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  • INSIDE THE soul

    MARCH 31, 2019

    In the final week of the series, Pastor Rob helps us to take a look at our soul.

    Now we can talk to people who will help us get our heads right.  We can dial our hearts in by being healthy physically and only loving good, life giving, and Godly things.  We can even unburden our lives and manageably shoulder only what is ours to carry.  We can do a live autopsy on every other key system, function at full capacity in each of these ways, and still completely miss the mark.  If you are doing well, but get a sense from time to time that something may be missing, this is the week for you!   Let's take a look at the most important area of life and ensure that we are firing on all cylinders!

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  • INSIDE THE back

    MARCH 24, 2019

    This week Rob talks about the load we carry.

    We all have way too much to do!  Everyone is so busy that we run around like chickens with our heads cut off.  The prevalent conversation these days is not centered around what we should be doing but rather what we need to stop doing by learning how to say "no!"  The problem is not just the busyness, it is the burden and weight we all carry around.  We are weighted down and stressed out largely because of the incredible responsibilities we all shoulder.  If your back is ready to give out under the load you are carrying, maybe it is time to ask if you are carrying things you were never meant to?  Life can be hard but we all have to be sure we are carry the right things in order to complete the entire journey!

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  • INSIDE THE heart

    MARCH 17, 2019

    In Week 3 Rob continues with an autopsy on our hearts.

    It is amazing how much we tend to believe we can live however we want, consume whatever we want, and then fix the problems those things create at a later date when our systems begin to falter and fail.  Have you ever loved something or someone you knew you shouldn’t?  Something that was not good?  Something that could and would become an unhealthy addiction?  Guarding our hearts, just like our heads, is a crucial practice for people of faith and is far more important than most of us realize until we have really messed things up.  Check out this message as we look inside the old ticker and discuss how we can get things back on track after pointing it in unhelpful directions!

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  • INSIDE the head

    MARCH 10, 2019

    This week Rob talks about what we allow to occupy our minds.

    Have you ever believed something only to look back on it later in life and realize you believe something completely different? Maybe even to such an extent that you wonder how you ever felt that way in the first place? What takes place between our two ears is a powerful thing! It can paralyze us. It can launch us to action and on mission. When our head is right, where it sends us can be powerful and change the world. But even just slightly off and we can hurt way more than we help. Will you open your head and your beliefs, allowing God to shine light on and shape your thinking? If you let Him, He'll begin a transformation in this critical area of life, starting today!

  • a look inside

    March 3, 2019

    This week Rob starts a unique series as we began to examine what's going on inside our church and ourselves.

    Today we are going to start this series by taking a corporate look, not at our own bodies and lives, but our church body and our corporate life of faith together. There are many things for us to celebrate and we are going to do that. We have some challenges and we are going to talk about them. There are ways that I have lacked courage and failed you, and I am even going to lean into that. As your pastor, I want you to know that God loves us, that I love you, and I am deeply grateful for all we get to do together. As we cut in deeper than most will find comfortable, please know that God wants something for us, not from us!

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