April Fools

The dictionary tells us that a fool is someone who acts unwisely or imprudently, who lacks judgement, or who is silly.  While that is a great overview, the Bible tells us a great deal more about what foolishness looks like, why it is not a path to be taken, and how we can avoid it.  In a world where the level of foolishness seems to be increasing and has become so common that it feels normal, it is important that we recognize and do something about it.  In this fun series we will laugh and learn about April Fools!

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  • The ultimate folly

    APRIL 29, 2018

    Pastor Rob concludes the series, warning against the most dangerous of foolishness.

    We have all made mistakes.  We have all behaved foolishly.  But it is true that mistakes and foolish behavior are not equal across the board.  There are areas that wisdom is of greater importance and where the consequences of foolishness are significantly more dire.  As we conclude our series we are going to learn of one area where the fool makes the gravest of mistakes, however, the truth is that this is an area where we are all tempted.

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  • Disengage

    APRIL 22, 2018

    Elder Bud Stanton continues the series discussing a very common type of foolishness.

    Have you ever watched people on two completely different sides of an issue battle it out on social media as if they could ever convince the other?  Have you ever engaged in such fruitless behavior yourself?  We are all tempted to believe at times that engagement will lead to change.  In the name of grace and a second chance, have you ever trusted someone with something important, only to be severely let down or disappointed yet again?  Fools leave us with only one choice, and it is not the one we naturally lean toward.

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  • shhhh!

    APRIL 15, 2018

    This week Rob touches on a common foolish act nearly all of us have experienced.

    Have you ever wanted to speak so badly you felt it was impossible to keep it in?  Have you ever shared something you felt was definitely going to help your situation only to have it accomplish the exact opposite?  There is an unquestionably strong connection between the fool and the mouth.  There is also an undeniable connection between how and when wise people choose to speak.  Many of us have heard, ‘It is better to have people think you're a fool, than to open your mouth a remove all doubt!’

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  • repeat offenderS

    APRIL 8, 2018

    This week Rob introduces what the Bible has to say about foolishness.

    Most people, at one point or another, have been called a fool or referred to as foolish.  While this can be done lightheartedly or with malicious intent, the accusation can be painful either way.  As bad as it can be to have someone else suggest this about us after a mishap or two, maybe we’ve even felt this way about ourselves at times.  The key question we are going to wrestle with today is ‘How do I know if I have simply made a mistake or if I am becoming a full-fledged fool?’  Come discover one piece of intel that will change your life!

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  • april fools

    april 1, 2018

    Rob kicks off this fun Easter series asking the question, "What if Jesus' resurrection was just a big prank?"

    There have been eleven other times that Easter has fallen on April 1st, the last of which was in 1956.  It can seem somewhat out of place or even sacrilegious to have such an important holy day fall on such an irreverent holiday.  However, while it may appear like an odd pairing at first, there are at least three solid ties to the things people who have faith in Jesus celebrate this weekend and April Fools Day.  Join us on Easter Sunday 2018 to learn how April Fools may be severely limiting your ability to experience the fullness of resurrection!

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