Have you ever made a New Year's resolution or had a goal that just repeated over and over, year in and year out? The problem isn’t that we don’t have goals, or even good goals. The problem is that we don’t know the daily steps, or have the followthrough to take them from dreams to reality. Stuff like making more money or losing some weight are great things to achieve in 2017, but what if this could be the year that you got closer to God and lived in such a way that your life made a huge difference for His Kingdom? If you think and live BELLS this can and will be that year for you!

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  • sent

    JANUARY 29, 2017

    Today Roy encourages us to ring the bell 'as we go' throughout our daily activities.

    We are on the last week of the first series of 2017 and the temptation is the same as always. Are these just more good ideas to file away for a time in the future, that will never come, or are we going to actually do something? Is this the year you are finally going to ring the bell? This week is what this teaching series, and what the Kingdom of God are all about. We have all been invited to live sent lives where our primary job is to alert everyone, everywhere we find ourselves, to the rule and reign of God through Jesus in all things! Come learn about what truly matters!

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  • learn

    JANUARY 22, 2017

    This week Pastor Rob talks about Learning Jesus.

    In our culture we value acquisition! Whether it is possessions, money, or knowledge, we want to have it… and in greater quantities than everyone else! God has a much more satisfying way for us to learn than simply trying to cram our minds fuller than everyone else with information that is seldom beneficial beyond the exam. God cares that what we are learning moves from our heads to our hearts and then to our hands and feet. When we learn the right things, in the right way, for the right reason, it literally changes absolutely everything!

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  • listen

    JANUARY 15, 2017

    In Week 3 Pastor Rob talks about listening for the voice of God.

    Have you ever missed the details of the sentence someone just said to you simply because you were not listening? Me too… we all have! But this is more than just a phenomenon for married folks, parents, and children! Have you ever noticed in our conversations with God they are mostly one sided? Us talking to Him! If we were quiet enough for long enough to actually hear God speak would we even recognize the sound of His voice? If you would like to know what the voice of God sounds like and start hearing it with a greater measure of frequency, this week is just for you!

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  • EAT

    JANUARY 8, 2017

    This week Pastor Rob shares about the importance of sharing a meal with someone.

    Eating is something that all of us do… probably more than we should. But have you ever noticed how we tend to rush through it?  Sometimes we even cut it totally out of our day if things get too busy.  Jesus on the other hand seems to eat His way through the gospels.  He eats with friends, family, people He has just encountered, tax collectors, and even sinners.  He seems to believe that something significant happens when we share food with people.  In Week 2 of this series, learn how to turn this daily necessity into a powerful and life changing act!

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  • bless

    january 1, 2017

    Rick Rios kicks off the new year talking about one way we can make an impact in 2017.

    While every one of us wants to experience more blessing in 2017, did you know the reason we are blessed biblically is so that we can, in turn, be a bigger blessing to others?  And the ultimate idea behind blessing has nothing to do with material possessions or financial provision, but the very presence of God in our lives.  The more of God we have the more blessed we are!  What would this year be like if each of us decided to bless multiple people each and every week?

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