Prison Break

Have you ever felt trapped? Stuck? Like you were all out of chances and had come to the end of the road? At some point in life we all come to a dead end and feel like we have no moves left. Whether we are in a place like this because of things that happened to us or because of our own choices, nobody likes to feel helpless and confined by their own prison. This Easter we are going to experience the greatest PRISON BREAK of all time and learn how we can directly benefit from this and escape the darkest cells in life!

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    APRIL 30, 2017

    In the final week of the series, our missionaries to Ukraine share their experiences and how loving others around the world has impacted them.

    One of the great dangers in seeing resurrection only as a metaphor for what happens at the end of our lives, is that it lets us off the hook with some extremely important things that God has for us in the here and now. When people hurt us, when we have personality conflicts, and when we don’t get along, we allow ourselves to harbor bitterness simply thinking it will change when we die and things are set right. God has set us free so that we can live with grace, forgiveness, and unexplainable love that will literally transform the world!

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  • Free to live

    April 23, 2017

    This week Rob shows us the freedom that Christ's resurrection offers us.

    So now what? Easter is past. We have celebrated and experienced resurrection. I guess I'm kinda out of prison now right? So am I in a holding pattern until next Easter? Or maybe until Heaven? NO! If God has set you free, you are free to live and maximize your life and impact for Him. Check out this message as we learn together how we can get the most out of this life. It makes no sense to be free and continue living like we are still sitting in a cell!

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  • He's got stronger stuff

    easter, 2017

    On Resurrection Sunday, Rob explains that there is nothing WE can do... only Jesus has the power to wash us clean!

    There is an age old question, 'what is the most important element of the Christian faith, crucifixion or resurrection?' Someone being willing to die for others is uncommon and significant, but not altogether unheard of. And while a person may have had power in life, once they die it’s all but gone. Resurrection on the other hand requires death and is proof that sin and death are dead! Join us for our incredible Easter celebrations as we offer and experience resurrection in ways that will change your life! The good news is that no matter how stuck you are, Jesus has stronger stuff!

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  • This changes everything

    good friday, 2017

    In this special Gathering, Rob leads us in a reflection of Good Friday.

    We all love getting something far better than we deserve! But what about when, in order for that to happen, someone who deserved everything good, had to suffer and die? The crazy part of this real life story is that person who suffered and died was not tricked or forced, but willingly took our place! To know someone like this… that kind of sacrifice… this changes everything!

  • dead as a doornail

    APRIL 9, 2017

    Roy continues the series talking about the move of God, even when all seems lost.

    It’s bad enough to face a metaphorical prison in life. The kinds of things you know you will eventually find your way through, but the journey is so long and difficult, you see no light and have little to no hope. But what about when the prisons that you are facing become life sentences, in maximum security facilities, where there is literally no way out? Serious sickness, terminal disease, even death. This weekend we are going to see how the power of God is able to work and move, even past the point of no return!

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  • The only story that never gets old

    April 2, 2017

    In Week 1 Rob speaks about how Jesus reveals himself to us.

    Do you have a friend who has told you the same story so many times that you feel like you could tell it just as well as they do? When they start in on it, do you try to stop them, reminding them that you are not hearing it for the first time as they seem to think? Do you have moments and stories in your life that you look back on and tell frequently yourself? Ones that are so good they never get old? We are kicking off our Easter series by starting ‘after the fact’ and reflecting back on all we are going to experience in the coming two weeks. Join us and hear about the only story that never gets old!

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