One Hit Wonder

While every musician has their most famous songs, there are some who are known for just one.  If you take a minute to think about it you can probably come up with people who you only know by one song, and if pressed you could not come up with anything else they did.  While it is better to have one earth shattering hit than nothing at all, making albums of greatest hits is better by far.  Being a one hit wonder is not all it is cracked up to be, and this is true whether you are an artist, a Christian, or even a church!

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  • your greatest hits

    MAY 28, 2017

    In the final week, Rob walks us through the New Hope DNA.

    As we conclude this series we are going to look at the key to taking our God given talents and maximizing them for Jesus.  As a church we have albums of greatest hits laying dormant inside of us.  While we have been blessed to see God do more through the New Hope family in the past fifteen years than many churches ever get to see, our goal is not to look back or be happy by comparison.  Even through times where we have lacked faithfulness, God has continued to believe in us.  The question for us today is do we still believe in Him?

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  • blood, sweat & tears

    MAY 21, 2017

    Rob continues the series by giving us three essential steps that guarantee we'll be so much more than one hit wonders!

    Many people tend to live life in seasons where they ebb and flow.  At certain times we are good and successful in one area and at other times we let that area go a little in order to gain ground somewhere else.  While this is unavoidable in many ways, there are a few areas that demand consistency and faithfulness all the time.  This week we are going to celebrate a few things that we have been and are doing well.  It is good to have a hit or two…but we all need to step up our game and make sure we play our hits with a little more frequency!

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  • Entertaining Angels

    MAY 14, 2017

    This week Pastor Rob celebrates the consistency and faithfulness of Mother's and challenges us to embody their best attributes.

    While there are always a few bad apples, one person who tends to epitomize the opposite of a one hit wonder is a mom!  For most of us, the faithfulness and consistency of our mothers, is something we credit for so many of the good things in our lives.  This weekend we celebrate moms and take an opportunity to follow their example and offer love and care to all who need it!

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  • Look right here

    MAY 7, 2017

    In Week 1, Bud Stanton and Roy Templeman join Pastor Rob on stage to help point out the areas where we tend to be one-hit-wonders.

    As we launch into this largely encouraging series we are going to begin with a strong challenge.  What would a pastor, an elder, or a staff member say to our church about the things we miss far too often that keep us from making the kind of difference that God has called us too?  To make this even more interesting, what more would they say if their words had no consequences and they had a guarantee that nobody would remember what was said?  Join us this week as we kick off One Hit Wonder and learn the answer to these essential questions!

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