Man Card

What is a Man Card?  How does a person get one?  What steps can result in losing it?  If yours has been revoked, is there a way to earn it back?  There are so many questions surrounding this concept of the Man Card, but fear not… we have some answers! Check out this fun and challenging three week series leading into Father’s Day.  Let’s discover the attributes that God wants to develop in the heart of every husband, father, and adult male on the planet!

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  • sick toys

    JUNE 18, 2017

    There is no better day than Father's Day for Pastor Rob and Mike Towle to bring us the epic conclusion of this manly series!

    Have you ever noticed that nobody ever says, “SHE who dies with the most toys wins?”  Not only is the male pronoun always used, but we also have similar sayings like, “boys and their toys.”  For some men, seeing our uncles and fathers buy nice things that we could not yet afford planted the seeds of desire for such things in our hearts from the time we were young boys.  There is nothing wrong with possessions, but God wants us to evaluate whether we are placing others in our lives above ourselves in areas way deeper than just the material world.

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  • THE beard

    JUNE 11, 2017

    Pastor Rob and Mike Towle continue this fun series encouraging men to be the providers God calls them to be.

    We live in a world where more and more families rely on multiple incomes and we stress our budgets to the max with little margin for error.  All these things mean that any change... a demotion, a layoff, or a total loss of work can result in almost instant calamity.  This weekend we are going to explore how these dynamics, that almost everybody faces, play out differently for men and women. Let’s talk about ways that we can work together to find solutions and discover Jesus in some of the most difficult moments in life!

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  • The arsenal

    June 4, 2017

    Pastor Rob and Travis Schaffer kick off this fun series encouraging men to be the protectors God calls them to be.

    It’s amazing that when a man is checking out a buddy’s new gun it’s so much worse than women looking at the latest shopping acquisitions their friends bring home from the mall (to which most men would say, “yeah, that’s because it’s a gun!”).  What is this fascination with weapons?  Is this the result of a broken fallen world or is there something good and Godly at the root of all this?  This weekend we will talk about this idea, and we’ll make sure people know the minimum arsenal size that is required in order to carry a full fledged Man Card!

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