You don’t have to live for too long to discover that everything leaks!  If you are not on top of your fitness, it doesn’t take too many days, weeks, and months to lose it all.  Have you ever been passionate about something one minute and couldn’t care less about it the next?  That is because passion leaks.  Whether in your home or in a church, the reason it is so hard to perpetually remain on the same page is because things like vision and direction leak as well.  Check out this important series and learn something that is incredibly important to God, but that leaks out of us very quickly!

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  • The bad brother

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

    In this final week of the series, Rob takes us through the last of the 3 back-to-back parables from Luke.

    Sibling rivalry is common. Many of us have probably even engaged in physical fighting with our brothers and sisters.  However, I suspect some of us have a family member who has gone so far and been so bad that we now live life as though they no longer exist.  Does God understand and even endorse this posture?  Are there any other options for us if we want to be healthy people?  In the final week of the series we are going to meet a bad brother and learn some shocking things about the heart of God.  Will you allow the things that are important to God to become what is most important to you?

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  • It's just a penny

    SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

    This week Rob encourages us to consider the emphasis we tend to put on our money.

    Have you ever lost money?  Maybe it was ten bucks when you were a kid, or perhaps someone cheated you out of something or you have lived through a robbery.  Maybe it was more like an investment went bad or the stock market shifted into a nose dive.  I am always amazed at how vividly I remember "lost money” experiences, even when they are decades old.  God wants to use something that is so deeply connected to our hearts to communicate a greater truth.  If we brought the same priority we give finances to other important areas of life, we could dent the universe!

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  • would you trade 99?

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

    This week Rob challenges us to discover the truly important things in life.

    We are all taught to make decisions in life that are both wise and responsible.  In many ways the Bible elevates these and other similar teachings.  While we are never to act the fool, there is a clear biblical mandate that some things are so important we are to risk and jeopardize everything else in their pursuit.  But how are we to know which things fall into that category? And even if we figure it out, can we muster the courage to actually do it?  In this message we are going to learn what falls into that category and receive plenty of motivation to do what truly matters!

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  • Everyone's got holes

    september 3, 2017

    To start this new series, Rob explains the importance of constantly reminding each other of our vision... where we're headed.

    It is helpful to know that everyone leaks… this is true for you, for me, and for all of us!  It’s important to be aware of this because it keeps us from being too critical with ourselves about this phenomenon, and it also allows us to plan ways to counteract it.  It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if we were just a little more religious that we would do better at replenishing what has leaked out and also slow the leaking.  This week we are going to come face to face with our leakiness, see how religion actually makes it worse, and discover what we can do about it!

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