The Greatest Show On Earth

Do your holidays feel like a circus? From the outside looking in, Christmas in our culture can seem like a blast! Lights and motion, merry songs, beautiful bows, wrapping paper, and incredible presents! So why, at a time of year that seems so happy, do we tend to feel anything but joy? If this month creates more anxiety and stress than taking fifty children to Chuck E. Cheese for your kid's birthday party, we want to invite you to check out this series, and encounter true peace this holiday season!

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  • THE son of god

    Christmas eve, 2016

    This Christmas Rob quiets all the commotion to simply focus on the manger.

    We live in a world where hype wins. Does it ever trouble anyone else how often ‘louder' gets to be better instead of ‘better' being better? And even if you don't buy that, the biggest and most expensive gifts always rule the day. But Jesus changes all that. He teaches us it is not simply about the gift, but how, where, and why it is given. If all the commotion of Christmas leaves you feeling empty and longing for something real, this message is just for you! The greatest gift in the history of the world has been given to us and we want to pass it on!

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  • THE lion tamER

    DECEMBER 17 & 18, 2016

    This week Rob compares the lion tamer with the shepherds.

    At the circus there are a lot of impressive people. From trapeze artists to the tight rope walkers. Human canon balls to the guy who swallows a sword. And let’s not forget those who can control wild animals and continue to walk away unscathed. Huge elephants and ferocious lions are larger than life, and it can baffle us when mere mortals exert control over them. However, as impressive as these people are, we encounter a much greater example in the Christmas story. Join us this week as we discover the most important attribute in the greatest show on earth!

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  • THE Fortune TelleR

    DECEMBER 10 & 11, 2016

    This week Rob compares the fortune teller with the magi.

    The only thing more troubling than a ‘know it all’ is one who seems to actually be right all of the time. Or how about that person for whom things always seem to work out while you are stuck in the midst of chaos? Being around these people can be difficult as their presence alone seems to expose all of our shortcomings and weaknesses. We encounter some of these fortune teller types in the Christmas story and can learn a lot from them.

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  • the ringleader

    DecEMBER 3 & 4, 2016

    In Week 1, Roy Templeman compares the circus ringleader with King Herod.

    One personality that exists in most circles, whether it be your family, group of friends, or even where you work, is the ringleader. At the circus, and in the best real world circumstances, these people can help keep us focussed and moving in the right direction. But when their 'control freak’ tendencies spin out of control, their help quickly turns to havoc! We encounter one of these ringleader types in the Christmas story and can learn a lot about what not to do as we examine his life. Check out this message as we learn to navigate this personality, and discover what the greatest show on earth is truly all about!

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