Get In The Game

Sports has become the language of and a metaphor for our culture.  Getting in the game is not just about swinging by a Dick’s Sporting Goods for the proper clothing and equipment.  It has to do with how we engage with God, how we participate in the body of Christ, a how we live our very lives!  God wants you on the field and if you are willing to offer what you have… New Hope is a team you can play for!

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  • Now it's your turn!

    February 27 & 28, 2016

    This week we get a unique perspective as we hear from actual people who have chosen to 'Get in the Game'!

    One of the best things about getting in the game, and even just being on the team, is that it provides training, help, support, and community in ways that sitting on the bleachers never could!  As we conclude this series we are moving forward to victory with the best team ever assembled.  It is God's team and we are all invited to join the active roster in the most powerful sport ever played!

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  • Prime time or sideline?

    February 20 & 21, 2016

    This week Pastor Rob shows us the difference between how we all 'want to live' and how most of us are 'actually living'.

    At some point 'everyone else is doing it' or 'it's not a big deal' are not acceptable excuses.  Refusing to put in the work, do the hard thing, and take the path less traveled leads to mediocrity at best and destruction at worst.  This is true in sports and in life!  We are approaching the moment when we all need to determine whether or not we want to get in the game... and if so, what we are willing to do in order to make that happen!

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  • Short term memory

    FEBRUARY 13 & 14, 2016

    This week Pastor Rob encourages us to forget the past, learn from our mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

    Sports is largely about striking out, coming up short, missing the shot, and failing to score!  It is also about keeping our focus in these moments and learning from them without allowing them to deter or derail us from pressing on to victory.  God has an incredible strategy to keep all our garbage, failures, and mistakes from winning the day.  This week we are going to learn how to implement this game changing technique!

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  • Playing for real

    FebrUARY 6 & 7, 2016

    This week Pastor Rob describes what it looks like to be a true follower of Jesus.

    Have you ever felt like certain times in your life you were the MVP and other times you were not sure you were even on the team?  While none of us throw strikes on every pitch, consistent effort, attitude, and participation are critically important.  God does not want us to only show up for the all star game, He wants us in the regular rotation!

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  • What kind oF

    receiver are you?

    January 30 & 31, 2016

    This week Pastor Rob & Roy talk to us about some of the ways we receive God.

    Many times people don’t participate because they are worried they won’t be good enough, they won’t succeed, they will even cause others to fail.  On God’s team it doesn’t work that way and there is one simple posture you control that determines if you are a superstar!   Join us this week as we kick off this brand new series and discover how you can make a bigger difference than you ever thought possible!

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