Game of Thrones

While we don’t often think much about kingdoms and rulers in this day and age, each of us is playing a game of thrones.  We allow various people and things to rule in our lives, and with each choice comes drastically different outcomes.  Join us this holiday season for our Game of Thrones series.  If you don’t like an aspect of how your life is going, you can benefit from the question we are asking all month…  “Who sits on the throne of your heart?”

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    On Christmas Eve, Rob emphasizes the importance of making room for the only One who should occupy space on the throne of our hearts.

    In the game of thrones we are all playing, we have looked at a number of typical things most of us allow to rule in our lives from time to time.  Today however, we are going to discover the one that is the most subtle, sinister, tempting, and has the most destructive potential in every life!  It is easy to figure out who should be on the throne of our hearts, but it is almost impossible to make that a reality if the spot is already filled with someone or something else!  Join us on Christmas Eve 2017 and win this important game once and for all!

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  • i deal in commodities

    DECEMBER 17, 2017

    In Week 3, Pastor Rob hits on a touchy subject when it comes to what we allow to rule in our lives.

    This is a time of year where we think about what we have.  Whether it is stuff and money, or maybe it’s more important things like relationships and even information.  The tendency is for all of us to feel like having more of these measurable commodities is winning and having less of them is losing.  As if those who can pile more on the throne of their hearts are somehow better off.  Maybe these useful goods are actually clutter that keep the right things from our lives.  Come this Sunday and learn what Christmas is truly all about!

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  • The teeter totter of good and evil

    DECEMBER 10, 2017

    This week Pastor Rob talks about the evil and even the good that we sometimes allow on the throne of our hearts.

    Have you ever been tempted to live in ways that were utterly selfish?  Maybe you have lived in a more evil way before or watched someone else do this, and as much as you didn’t want your life to look that way, you couldn’t get over the notion that it seemed to be more effective than doing things the right way.  Many people have a sense that when they come to the end of their time on this earth someone on the other side is going to weigh the good and evil that is on the throne of their heart to determine whether they get in or are left out.  Come discover why this is the wrong thing for us all to measure!

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  • It's just the way things are

    DecEMBER 3, 2017

    This week Pastor Rob starts the Christmas series talking about the battles for power in our lives.

    Sometimes we take sides and align ourselves with certain leaders or political figures.  Other times, in the name of freedom, we fight against rulers or the laws we find to be oppressive.  Over time however, many people tire of the battle, stop resisting, and resign themselves to the notion that this is just the way things are and just the way the world works.  Come this week and see how Jesus was born into similar circumstances and yet did not allow these forces to sit on the throne of His heart!

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