The Game of Life

Every person on the planet wants to win at the game of life! Too many times we don’t know where to focus, what to prioritize, and have no idea what steps we should take next. Sometimes we have played the game so poorly and messed things up so much that we feel like we need a lucky role or divine intervention in order to pull through. Join us for this series as we look at the four key areas of life we must have success with in order to win. We’ll learn some practical steps that will have powerful results. God wants to help you do this, but it all starts with you!

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    NOVEMBER 26 & 27, 2016

    Rob and Mike close out the series encouraging us to take care of our bodies.

    The final key area of life we are looking at in this series is our physical health. Sometimes people of faith see this area as less important because we know that at some point we ditch these temporary bodies and get an eternal upgrade. But if you have ever struggled with your health, spent significant time battling illness, or have lived in some ways that have taken their toll, you know how life giving or life robbing this can be. Come and learn how to maximize your health so that we can accomplish the most with the time God gives us here!

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  • MY Finances START WITH ME

    NOVEMBER 19 & 20, 2016

    This week Rob and Mike talk about finances.  Not the 10% churches usually talk about, but how to manage the other 90%.

    The third key area of life we are looking at in this series is our financial health. Whether it is past decisions that continue haunting us, not having enough to go around to cover even the necessities, or simply lacking the tools to manage what we have well… this is one area for most people that is tumultuous at best. This week God wants to help you have a greater level of freedom with your money, so that you can experience more victory in every area of life!

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    NOVEMBER 12 & 13, 2016

    In Week 2, Rob and Mike focus on one of the toughest, yet most critical areas of life... relationships.

    One of the most challenging areas for everyone seems to be our relational health. And who has enough time to keep up?  If we focus on our friends or colleagues, our significant others and kids can feel short changed.  And if we focus on our families we can let our jobs and friends down.  It can seem impossible to maintain health in all key relationships at the same time.   This week is going to offer some potent tools that will help us successfully navigate this complicated area so that we can experience more victory in life!

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  • My faith starts with me

    November 5 & 6, 2016

    Rob Paterson and Mike Towle team up in this series, starting with the idea of building a strong foundation in our lives.

    While every key area of life works together to make up and influence the whole, the foundational place we must begin is with our spiritual health. While many push their faith to the side and pledge to do a better job at some point in the future, the truth is that it provides the foundation, framework, and perspective we all need to succeed. Even if this seems like churchy mumbo jumbo to you, why not pop in this weekend and see if God wants to use this series to help you starting winning more in your life!

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