Do you remember a time when you were so passionate about Jesus that it impacted everyone and everything you came in contact with? But then you got busy, gained more responsibility, and as it always does, life crashed in. And while you never stopped believing in Jesus, somewhere along the way He stopped being front and center and got relegated to a corner of life you don’t spend much time in. Instead of simply wishing others would agree with you about God, your faith can truly be contagious. It can go viral and positively infect and transform others. In this series, let's rediscover a life and a faith worth living!

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  • Temporary or terminal

    OCTOBER 29 & 30, 2016

    Roy wraps up this series with some thoughts about making our contagion last beyond just a temporary high.

    We all know someone who was fanatical about their faith, but is now distant from God.  Most of us have had times in life when we were more focused spiritually and other when Jesus was nowhere to be seen.  While it is normal for every relationship to ebb and flow in its intensity, we really must answer one question.  Are the salvation and lordship of Jesus temporary realities for us in life or are they permanent?  The call of God is intense, but it has incredible and eternal ramifications!

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  • contagion level

    OCTOBER 22 & 23, 2016

    This week Rob provides insight into our own contagion level.

    Sometimes we are doing everything we can but nobody seems to be catching what we have.  There's not even a hint of interest from anyone wanting to buy what we're selling!  If this is your reality, there are a number of factors that impact our contagion level that we must be aware of if we intend to effectively spread the good news.  You may have everything you need, but tweaking one simple element could make it all click!

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  • a christian apology

    OCTOBER 15 & 16, 2016

    This week Rob apologizes for the behavior of people of faith.

    Have you ever felt like you spend tons of time not so much sharing faith but apologizing for people 'of faith' who have claimed Christ with their words but totally messed up how they lived it out?  Do you have to make a similar apology for how you have messed it up and been a hypocrite as well?  Instead of making excuses, we are going to spend this week apologizing and talking about the good news that is found in our imperfection!

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  • inoculation

    OCTOBER 8 & 9, 2016

    This week Rob talks about staying contagious.

    Have there been times in your life where you have considered getting serious about God, church, and faith?  Is now one of those times?  Even if you decide to jump completely in, there are all kinds of things that threaten this way of life and are constantly pushing to cure what we have and inoculate us from ever flirting with being a follower of Jesus again.  Check out this message and learn some things we have to avoid if we want to successfully walk this incredible path!

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  • I don't have time for that

    octoBER 1 & 2, 2016

    This week Ned speaks about life management.

    There is something far more sinister and damaging than an outright denial of faith in Jesus.  It is a belief that a life of faith could be a great and transformative thing, but we simply don't have time for it.  Sometimes we're able to muster the energy to overcome that when a friend is insistent, or at Christmas and Easter.  We may even feel something when we go... but like a cold, we just don't have the time in our schedules to fit Jesus in.  Check out this message and discover how Jesus can work no matter how packed full your life may be!

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  • sneeze

    SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2016

    This week Rob encourages us to become bold and spread our faith!

    Sometimes we treat Jesus like He is a commodity for us to acquire and possess instead of the most powerful gift in the universe that we are suppose to give away!  We are still apprehensive about the task of sneezing on others and spreading this glorious gift for fear they will reject us and reject Him.  Let's talk about one thing that changes everything about effectively sharing faith and maximizing the receptivity of others.

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  • How to catch a cold

    SEPTEMBER 17 & 18, 2016

    This week Rob teaches us how to become contagious.

    Maybe you have witnessed others who have a viral faith that is changing their lives and spreading to others.  Maybe you even long for the same contagious faith in your own life.  It may not be that you haven't tried, it is just that you have never been able to catch or keep this Jesus cold!  This week we are going to talk about some sure fire ways to be certain that we have and are spreading the real deal!

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  • you make it sound so simple

    SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, 2016

    In Week 2, Rob talks about choosing the narrow path of following Jesus every single day.

    How come faith seems so powerful and practical during a church service but can feel so difficult and distant out in the real world?  Pastors can make it seem so simple, but when we take it home with us... yeah, not so much.  If you would like to know why this is and what we can do to overcome it, this message is going to help you break through this barrier and increase your effectiveness!

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  • is this that important?

    september 3 & 4, 2016

    This week Rob returns to the stage with a lot to say about the importance of living a contagious life for Jesus!

    Have you ever been a little too forceful about your faith to the point where you turned someone off or pushed them away? Has watching someone else do this caused you to tone things down so you don’t make the same mistake? If you want to learn how much is just enough and discover how you can be an effective ambassador for Jesus who helps and blesses others, this is the perfect week for you!

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