Can You Hear My Heart?

Have you ever had a thought?  An idea?  Something that exploded in your mind and caused your heart to beat faster and run over?  These passions are gifts from God that he pours into us to fuel how we interact with and impact the world.  The danger of these things is that we can get disenchanted.  Especially as we feel them so strongly, but everywhere else we look they don't seem to even register with anyone else.  This series is all about hearing the current passion from six different sources... see if God doesn’t ignite something in you as you listen!

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  • the faith god is looking for

    JULY 30, 2017

    We wrap things up with what's on the heart of guest pastor, Kevin Rush.

    Faith can be a confusing thing!  In the Bible we see people who have too little faith, but yet we are told that if we have the faith of a tiny mustard seed, we can move mountains.  Even if our faith is lacking, it would seem like we should have at least as much as that minuscule seed.  So what are we to do with this and how can we make sure we have the right amount of faith?  Take some time and discover the faith that God is looking for in each of us!

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  • love is the answer

    JULY 23, 2017

    Next we hear about what's on the heart of our Xtreme Kidz director, Roy Templeman.

    Love is the answer!  That sounds so good and so right.  The problem is that almost everyone has a divergent definition of love.  Our culture tells us one thing, many churches even disagree on what this should look like, and even God himself weighs in on this one.  Is love a feeling or a commitment?  Is love a forgiving softy or a hard disciplinarian?  This weekend we seek to bring this attribute into focus.  If we can figure it out, love is the perfect and most powerful answer to every question!

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  • on the brink of blessing

    JULY 16, 2017

    This week we hear what's on the heart of campus pastor, Ned Horsfall.

    There is an idea that almost every Christ follower believes to be true, at least conceptually.  It is that our greatest blessings in life are based on and a result of our obedience to God.  But has it ever seemed like your obedience was getting you nowhere?  Or worse, like your faithfulness to Jesus actually put you in a hole?  In moments like these we can all wrestle with the temptation to give up.  L learn why when life is the darkest, we need to keep going.  When things are difficult you never know what is just around the next corner or when you are on the brink of blessing!

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  • freedom?

    JULY 9, 2017

    We continue this week with what's on the heart of elder, Bud Stanton.

    We live in a country that talks about and celebrates freedom.  It’s the key brick in the foundation that everything we stand for was built upon!  The Bible speaks extensively about this attribute as well, so at this time of year, and with something so important, why do we struggle with living FREE?  As Americans maybe this is just something for the rich and powerful?  As Christians do we only get this at the end?  This week let's consider the offer of true and lasting freedom!

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  • be elite

    JUly 2, 2017

    This series continues with what's on the heart of lay speaker, Rick Rios.

    Most people are average. In fact, that is what being average means.  While that is certainly better than being below average, have you ever wanted more?  For yourself?  For your kids?  For your family?  For your friends?  Do you think God’s goal for your life is for you to be average or do you think there are times and areas where His desire is so much more?  This message is about choosing not to settle for being good enough.  Take some time to listen in and experience the call of God to be elite!

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  • The Secret to running forever

    JUNE 25, 2017

    This series begins with what's on the heart of our lead pastor, Rob Paterson.

    Have you ever given up or just stopped?  Maybe it was because you didn’t want to keep going and maybe you would have done it forever if you could but you ran out of gas and simply couldn’t do it anymore.  For some things moving on is ok and for others they are just too important to quit.  But how do we determine which is which and then how do we stick with the things that truly matter for the long haul?  Join us this week and allow God to fill you with stamina and passion for the mission critical things in life!

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