Bon Voyage

The term Bon Voyage is used to express good wishes to someone who is about to go on a journey.  Relationships, of various kinds and at differing levels, are journeys that all of us take regularly.  Wishing someone else, or even ourselves, “good luck” doesn’t do much to keep relationships on the right track.  In the same way, rough or changing waters are not the best indication of the health of our relationships.  Check out this series and learn that the condition of our relational waters is not as important as who we have with us in the boat!

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  • at world's end

    OCTOBER 29, 2017

    As we conclude the series, we get a real life encounter with how God can restore a relationship just when all hope seems lost.

    Unfortunately too many of us know what it feels like to be in a relationship that is past the point of no return.  Too much has happened.  Maybe something could have been done had we come to this realization sooner, but now our relationship is broken beyond repair.  There is still good news for you, even if you find yourself in this situation.  Watch and discover how to find hope and health even after you have journeyed beyond the brink of disaster.  No matter how high the waves are in any relationship, there is a perfect solution just for you!

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  • storms ahead

    OCTOBER 22, 2017

    Pastor Rob continues this relationship series by helping us navigate the stormy seas.

    What do you do when there are unavoidable storms moving in?  When you've said something you regret but can’t take back because the damage has already been done?  When your previously overlooked broken patterns of living or poor communication have finally caught up with you?  The good news is that there are important course corrections we can make in these moments to help transition danger to delight.  Let God use the imminent storms in life to wake you up and give you a better path forward!

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  • Smooth sailing

    OCTOBER 15, 2017

    This week Rob teaches us how to keep our relationships out of the rough waters.

    It’s what we all want… smooth waters!  Smooth sailing in our lives, and especially in our relationships.  How much turmoil do we all live through because a key friendship went sideways? Because we are at odds with a co-worker? Because we can’t seem to get on the same page with our spouse?  Today we are going to discover something that is difficult for many to comprehend, but it is the key to calming the seas.  Whether the waves of your life are tumultuous or not, come discover how you can experience the joy of smooth sailing!

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  • Blissfully Ignorant

    OCTOBER 8, 2017

    This week Rob teaches us about continuing to make an effort to grow your relationships.

    Most of us have lived life in this mode at one time or another.  Believing and even stating that our relationships are perfect.  We never fight.  We always understand each other. I don’t know how it could be any better!  If this indeed is true, something must be done in order to maintain health.  Beyond that there is one question that could save you from significant agony.  The question is, do you have the courage to ask it?

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  • bon voyage

    octoBER 1, 2017

    Pastor Rob begins this important relationship series encouraging us to invite other couples we know.

    Before going on a trip there are preparations that need to be made!  If you know someone who has relationship challenges, or maybe you yourself have struggles in this area… this is an important place to begin.  No matter where you are right now, things are never so good that they can’t fall apart. Likewise, things are never bad enough that they can’t see significant improvement.  As we set sail this weekend come discover something that will breathe new life into every relationship!

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