The Good News

The gospel means good news.  What Jesus came and did for us is good news.  What Jesus continues to offer us is good news.  We have to wonder then, why so many of our words and actions sound like anything but good news to those who need to hear something truly good the most.   Join us for this series and experience something truly incredible for you, for us, and for everyone!

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  • Recovering pharisees

    NOVEMBER 21 & 22, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob talks to us about erring on the side of love..

    They say it takes time to change any behavior. No recovery process is instant. So on our journey to become better examples, bearers, an sharers of the best news ever, there are things we constantly have to learn. Join us for this message and allow Jesus to continue His incredible work in you and through you!

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  • Do you have a but?

    NOVEMBER 14 & 15, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob addresses some of the questions and push back we feel when we hear about not judging others.

    As much as this series has been life giving and redemptive, some have struggled as well. Some struggled with the book and others with the Bible. Some struggled with what God has been asking of them and others have just disagreed. Each of us may have some ‘buts’ from this series. Today we are going to challenge what we have been learning and consider the other side of the coin.

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  • beer goggles

    November 7 & 8, 2015

    This week Roy Templeman talks to us about various ways that we tend to see the world.

    Have you ever noticed that certain things influence how you see the world? When you are happy you see the same things differently that when you are depressed. When you hang out with judgmental people you see the world differently. Spending real time with Jesus is a life changing endeavor that causes us to see reality and people through a different and more redemptive set of lenses!

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  • actions > Words

    OCT 31 & nov 1, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob & Bethany share about a new way that New Hope is going to follow the leading of Jesus by living what we say we believe!

    Have you ever taken your ball and gone home? Maybe you disagreed. Maybe you didn’t get your way. Maybe you thought someone looked at you funny. It is interesting that Jesus tells us the most important thing is love and the way others will know that we are his followers is by the unity that we have! When it comes to love and unity, inside the church and out, are the actions of your life clear?

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  • We made a mistake

    OCTOBER 24 & 25, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob talks about how we all make mistakes, and how that makes the good news even better. 

    Have you ever been disoriented? Maybe you woke up after a deep sleep not knowing where you were and it took a number of minutes to remember which day of the week it was, what you were doing, and why you were getting up so early. It seems that more and more of us are having these moments spiritually where we have to reorient, gain our bearings, and even admit that we’ve gotten a few things wrong! 

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  • What's keeping people from jesus... is it you?

    OCTOBER 17 & 18, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob shares about the power of love compared to the poison of judgement.

    What if there were two simple things you could do that would help people see, know, connect with, and experience Jesus in ways that would transform their lives now and forever? Would you want to know what they are? Would you give them a shot? They are simple! They are easy! Every single one of us can do them…and we are going to share and demonstrate them this very weekend! 

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  • Getting stoned

    OCTOBER 10 & 11, 2015

    Join us this week as Pastor Rob talks to us about weed and rocks of various sizes.

    This week is extremely important...even the title will get some people riled up! It comes down to this nasty tendency that most humans have to see others faults and failures as worse, and their own as better. What would the world look like if we held ourselves to a higher standard and were more gracious with others? Would flipping the typical script in this way be Christlike good news?

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  • who holds

    the gavel?

    OCTOBER 3 & 4, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob and Christopher share about our tendency to do a job that is God's, but that he doesn't even do! 

    Most agree that even if we can’t judge one another, at some point someone has to do it. It is, after all, a necessary function isn’t it? Our culture loves to judge. We are tempted to judge each other. We would like to be the sole judge of ourselves. But God is the real judge, right?! Or is He? Knowing how the only one who can judge perfectly feels about judging might be both surprising and helpful!

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  • Don't judge me!

    September 26 & 27, 2015

    This week Pastor Rob discusses the paradox that we all hate being judged and yet we all judge.

    Christians can be some of the most judgmental people! Many say, “The Bible tells us not to judge”, and others push back with, “That is not exactly what it is saying.” It is difficult for any of us to know how we should behave when it comes to this difficult issue. But we all know that we don’t like to be judged, especially in unfair ways by people who don’t know us, or who are worse than we are!

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