Pull The Pin

This makes my pulse quicken, my mind explode with ideas, and my heart fill with overwhelming positive emotion!  We all have those things that excite us...areas if someone opens the door, they’d better get comfortable and plan to stay for a while.  I believe these passions are gifts from God.  It’s like my heart is a grenade and you’ve just pulled the pin!

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  • The Cell & 

    The Coracle

    June 27 & 28, 2015

    Pastor Rob pulls the pin on helping us and them.

    This week we are going to talk about two things! You are likely good at one of them. Most of us struggle with the other. The struggle is that they are both essential if we want to change the world! Join us to be encouraged and challenged to pull the pins God has placed in every heart!

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  • Jesus 101

    JUNE 20 & 21, 2015

    Pastor Ned pulls the pin on rediscovering Jesus.

    Do you ever feel like you know some things about Jesus but you are not sure you have the most important stuff down? Whether you are just exploring, a new Jesus follower, or have been on the journey a long time, this week will fuel your faith! Join us as we encounter some foundational things we need to know about Jesus!

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  • Flesh & Bones

    JUNE 13 & 14, 2015

    Pastor Rob pulls the pin on the most powerful thing we can all do... put flesh on instead of always taking it off.

    Have you ever felt that everything was backwards? Like you were missing something important but couldn’t figure it out? This simple truth changed my life! Join us  as we learn something that literally changes everything!

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  • Can You Make

    God Sweat?

    JUNE 6 & 7, 2015

    Pastor Rob pulls the pin on huge faith and going for broke.

    Has God ever asked you to do something? Have you taken a step or two and lost traction or your resolve to follow? If so this is the week for you! Join us as we come face to face with the pain and the power of daring to see God sized dreams come to life!

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