The Grave Robber

In this series we explore the seven miracles of Jesus, highlighted in the gospel of John. If any of our friends told us these things happened to them we would respond with severe doubt or full rejection. So why should we give them any credibility? Is it because we talked about them in church or because they are contained within the Bible? It is actually so much more than that! In this powerful series we are going to discover why we should believe these things actually happened and learn that God is all about making your impossible possible!

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  • The grave robber

    may 24 & 25, 2015

    Our last miracle takes us back to right where we began. Someone is dead. I mean really dead. Like rotting and smelling dead. There is nothing anyone can do when things are that far gone, right? Wrong! Our second life begins when Jesus calls us out of the tomb of sin. He proves His ability to do this spiritually by pulling it off with someone who is physically dead! If He can do that for them what could He do for you?

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  • THE eye openER

    MAY 17 & 18, 2015

    Jesus can do the impossible. Jesus can do things that have never been done before. Jesus can do things in weird and wonderful ways. Jesus can do things for people who are the least likely and least deserving. God is the God of second chances, and third and fourth and thousandth. It’s never too little. It’s never too late. When Jesus gets involved, never say never!

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  • THE water walkER

    MAY 10 & 11, 2015

    This week we are looking at the perfect miracle for Mother’s Day… Jesus enabling Peter to walk on water! I don’t know about you but my mom was always the one person in my life who seemed to be able to pull amazing things like this off. Even in the midst of incredible resistance, God reminds us to keep our eyes on him, because he holds the very forces of nature in His hands.

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  • lord algebra

    MAY 3 & 4, 2015

    Many times we miss out on some awesome miracles because we don’t think we have enough to go around. It is like we believe that God can only do something great with the extra we have to throw His way. We are not courageous enough to trust Him when we don’t have what we need to make ends meet. The truth is that God can do more with the little we have to offer than any of us could ever imagine!

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  • the rule breaker

    april 25 & 26, 2015

    Some people think that Jesus could accomplish some cool things in their life if the circumstances were just right… but they never are! If you want God to do a new thing, you can’t keep doing the same old thing… even if that is what everyone else wants. If you want to experience the miraculous, you need to unlearn every assumption you’ve ever made, except for just one. GOD IS ABLE!

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  • THE choreographer

    APRIL 18 & 19, 2015

    Does it ever seem like God is too far away to perform the miracle you need? Maybe you haven’t been living right. Maybe you haven’t been to church in a while. Maybe it just feels like God has better things to do than come help you. This week we’ll discover that even when God is a long way off, he is still just as present and able to work in your life!

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  • THE wine maker

    APRIL 11 & 12, 2015

    Do you want to know the trick when it comes to miracles? Don't seek them! Just follow Jesus. And if you follow Him long enough and far enough, you'll find yourself in the middle of some miraculous things! The God who turned water into wine, can turn your sadness into joy, your fear into faith, and your death into life. Check out this powerful new series entitled, The Grave Robber. As we explore the seven miracles of Jesus, highlighted in the gospel of John, you'll learn that God is all about making your impossible possible!

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  • he did it!

    APRIL 4 & 5, 2015

    We kick off this new series on Easter as we celebrate resurrection and encounter a God who begins by robbing His own grave!

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