On Your Mark, Get Set...

When you hear the words, "ON YOUR MARK," and then "GET SET," you know what is coming next!  No matter how much you have prepared, or are still in need of preparation, the energy of the start is exhilarating!  And when the gun goes off, everyone is filled with the possibility of being a champion!  In this series, we're using a racing analogy, and as Christians we wave a lot of flags.  From the white flag of surrender, to all our many red flag issues, to even our christian "I've got Jesus" flag we so often wave in people's faces.  But ultimately we want to wave the green flag, which starts the race.  To GO and live the life God intends for us!

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  • go!

    june 24, 2012

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    Finally!  We actually get to GO!  And the idea of 'going' is fun and exciting, but let's think about this... to GO takes work.  To GO makes us tired.  Many times to GO can even hurt!  But despite the downside, there's only one way for our lives to be marked by effectiveness.  On your mark...  Get set...  GO!

  • jesus!

    JUNE 17, 2012

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    As we continue in this series, we are going to encounter someone who we all need to meet! Would you dare to believe that knowing this one person brings more promise and potential than going ever could? If you have ever felt a little behind the eight ball, that you needed some help, join us this week as we give away the greatest gift ever... He will give you hope and help you run the race of life with greater success!

  • you can't do this!

    JUNE 10, 2012

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    Have you ever failed to even START because of the influence of someone else?  Has anyone ever told you "You can't do it?" Are you carrying around an emotional heaviness and bitterness that still keeps you from getting off of the starting line?  How are we supposed to get started with all these red flags waving in our face?

  • give up!

    june 3, 2012

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    On your mark...  Get set...  Give up!  Wait, what?!?  Yes, GIVE UP!  In order to win the race of life, we have got to understand that WE cannot do it on our own.  We have got to wave the white flag of surrender and allow God to have control.