My Story

Have you ever felt like you didn't know how you would make it through what seemed like an impossible time in your life? Maybe you are in a place like that right now. Hearing people tell the story about how they trusted God through a tough season can be incredibly inspiring, so we hope you’ll take some time to listen to these testimonies. No matter what has happened or however difficult life may be, there is hope!

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  • From seeing impaired to 20/20

    april 28, 2013

    Speaker:  Jeff Cooper with Debi & Jeff Sargent

    At the end of the movie “Parenthood,” a wise old family member likens life to a roller-coaster. Life is full of ups and downs, and that is what makes the ride - and life - fun, right? The truth is, we don't always like the ride we are on… it can be scary! As we conclude the "My Story" series, you will hear from Debi and Jeff! Looking back they know how they have survived the wild ride they have experienced. There’s only one way they have pulled through, and they want to share it with you!

  • FROM bad to better

    APRIL 21, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson with Ted Fraser

    Sometimes there are seasons so hard that even if there was progress you would feel you have too far to go to ever get anywhere. Things have been tough for Ted Fraser, and they continue to be much less than what he wishes they were, but he continues to hang on and fight for something better.

  • FROM control to trust

    APRIL 14, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson with Ashley & Kyle Ludwig

    This week you will hear from Ashley and Kyle! While they have trusted Jesus for quite a long time, life has a way of asking us to trust at levels deeper than we knew were possible. In some insurmountable moments, they chose to keep trusting and have experienced resurrection!

  • FROM death TO life

    APRIL 7, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson with Nicole MacLean

    Did you know that suicide is now the leading cause of death by injury in our country? In 2010, suicides that were motivated by economic crisis grew by 52%. As we continue the "My Story" series, this week you will hear from Nicole! She has lived through some dark moments in life, but she has also discovered how Jesus’ story of resurrection is something for her to experience as well.

  • are you changed?

    easter, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    We tend to talk about Easter as though it was the pinnacle of the year for all who follow Jesus. Tons of people, even those who never ever come to church, show up on this day more than any other! Is it because they think there may actually be something to this Jesus thing? Or perhaps this was mom's one wish and she bribed them with the promise of delicious home cooked meals. Many want to know if there is anything to this idea of resurrection, and even more hunger to see if it can truly change their life!