Multiplication is a core value here at New Hope and is an important part of our DNA. In fact it is so vital that we have shared this series in various forms with the core teams at new campuses and church plants to help build this understanding into the foundation of each of our outposts. This series was originally a shared teaching where the Pastor of Berean Baptist and Pastors at each of the three New Hope locations communicate at each church site, one component of what it means to multiply in every area of your life. Don’t settle for addition… God wants your life to be part of a movement!

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  • Growing my roots

    August 26, 2012

    In the final week of the series, Rob emphasizes the importance of growing strong roots. We are a young church that has multiplied a number of times since our birth not even ten years ago, and we want to see God continue to multiply His Kingdom in and through us!

  • blessed ROOTS

    AUGUST 19, 2012

    What if you saw something in your life multiply for the good? What does it mean to walk with God's blessing on you? Pastor Tim Broughton, from New Hope Wooster, shows how Jesus uses the power of multiplication.  Take note of 3 keys we need to experience this power in our lives.

  • the joy of water-walking

    AUGUST 12, 2012

    Have you ever wished that you could walk on water? Have you ever watched someone else whose life was marked by things that required God and wondered how they got there? Do you wonder if it is possible for you to get there too? As we continue in Week 2, come hear Dave Pound, Senior Pastor at our mother church, Berean Baptist Church. Pastor Dave brings the message as a man who has spent decades trusting Jesus and seeing incredible things happen for God's Kingdom because of it!

  • your roots

    AUGUST 5, 2012

    Pastor Tim Holman, from New Hope Ashland, kicks off Week 1 of this series.