Have you ever craved a cold glass of milk?  Have you ever been some place where there was no milk for your cereal?  Other substitutes are just not the same!  In this series we explore the images of milk throughout the Bible and seek to understand their meaning, including what's most typically misunderstood.  Let us participate together in the ministry of milk, because it does the body good!

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  • The ministry of milk

    March 24, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    Even more than milk, do you crave a perfectly seasoned, juicy, delectable cut of meat that is cooked to perfection? Many of us not only want this delivered to our dinner tables each evening but also to our churches every weekend. Milk is good, but so is the meat, and the Bible can teach us how to enjoy it as often as we want!

  • moo juice with a meat chaser

    MARCH 17, 2013

    Speaker:  Jeff Cooper

    Milk is good. As we learned last week, it is something we should crave. We need to crave Jesus! That is our foundation. That is where we start, and then we build up from there. But have you ever started looking elsewhere? Have you ever started to think that perhaps there is something better… than Jesus?

  • crave

    MARCH 10, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    Have you ever had a craving? Something you desperately wanted and hoped that it would fill some void or meet some need? Many of our desires lead us down destructive paths, but there are also things the bible tells us to eagerly desire, and even crave, because they have positive and powerful results!

  • utterly good!

    MARCH 3, 2013

    Speaker:  Rob Paterson

    Many times the image of milk is misunderstood in the Bible. Some even think that it is only for babies or those who are not mature in the faith, when in reality the bible only ever talks about milk as something that is good!